Late in January of this year, we received an enquiry from Jody of BodyCentral Lifestyle Centre in Osborne Park. For those of you that remember Marty from our last case study on Fox Football Fives – That’s the gym that he trains at (thanks for putting in a good word Marty).

She was looking to grow her lifestyle centre, which had both a gym and skincare centre. She said she had done some of her own digital marketing in the past, however, platforms change so often she was finding it difficult to keep up – A common problem we hear among business owners. 

After a strategy session and some back and fourth brainstorming, we decided to focus on the skincare side of her business. 

Step 1: The Offer

The first step in any lead gen campaign is coming up with an offer to grab the attention of potential customers – The higher the value, the better. It’s important to remember the lifetime value of a customer, so knowing your customer retention rates is important.

Jody already had an offer in mind – A 12 week Skin Transformation Bootcamp.

Despite none of the boys on the team knowing anything about skin care (in particular, Tim), this seemed like a great entry level offer that would generate long term clients for the skin care department of this lifestyle centre.

Step 2: Content

This was a simple job as Jody already had an image she had been using in the past to promote the offer. 

Step 3: Strategy

As Jody already had a fairly significant email list of past and current skincare clients, we had sufficient data to build a 1% lookalike audience. This works by Facebook matching up email addresses to Facebook accounts, and then finding the 1% of Australians that look the most like that source audience. We then refined this down to women within driving distance of BodyCentral. 

Step 4: Campaign

Originally Brandon ran this campaign with a landing page that we built in LeadPages. However, after a week of fairly mediocre results, we quickly decided to change tactics and use Facebook’s in built lead forms feature in Ads Manager. The main benefit of this is that it keeps users on the platform, the form loads faster, users are not getting lost reading or viewing a lot of landing page content, and all this means you get a higher number of opt ins.

One single ad was used for this campaign.

The Results

This campaign was run for $211 and generated 26 leads – Just over $8 per lead. 

The product itself was worth $828 ($69pw / 12 weeks) – So getting enquiries for $8 each is a great result to fill the leads bucket.