Late last year we received an inbox on our Facebook page from Marty, who had heard of us from a mutual friend. He runs a 5-a-side Football league in Floreat call Fox Football Fives, and was looking to get a new video done, as well as grow his business and generate more leads so he could start up a Wednesday night as well and generate more revenue streams.

After about a month’s work, this is how we filled a whole new night running for his leagues.

Step 1: The Offer

The first step in any lead gen campaign is coming up with an offer to grab the attention of potential customers – The higher the value, the better. It’s important to remember the lifetime value of a customer, so knowing your customer retention rates is important.

Fortunately, Marty had recently been talking with Varsity Bar Nedlands, and they agreed to sponsor Fox Football Fives. So we came up with the idea of free custom Varsity Bar jerseys for teams that registered before a certain date.

Step 2: Content

Marty already had a video done previously for his Facebook page, however it had been used quite a lot and he was looking to get something fresh and new. Marty and Dan talked through some ideas, and within a week, Dan had filmed and edited a video that captured our ideal customer’s attention, and conveyed our offer.

Step 3: Strategy

As Marty had been running for a while, he had an email list of all his previous and existing players. By uploading this to audience manager in Facebook, Brandon could make a 1% lookalike audience to find the 1% of Australians that displayed similar traits to his existing customers. After refining it down a bit more to males aged 18-30 within a 20 minute drive of the pitches – Brandon had established our target audience.

Step 4: Campaign

Brandon built a landing page for the offer where page visitors can express interest by providing their name, email and mobile, and then be sent an email with more information about how they can register their team. Lead notifications were also automatically sent to Marty’s email, as well as being automatically updated in a Google sheet so that he can follow up and register teams over the phone, or via email, (checkout Zapier for building integrations like this).

One single ad was used for this campaign.

A retargeting campaign was also run simultaneously for all landing page visitors to recapture any traffic that did not convert on the first impression.

The Results

This campaign was run for $520 and generated 27 leads – Just shy of $20 per lead. Not bad when you consider a team is worth roughly $800 across a season.

By working with Marty through his sales and follow up process, he was able to close enough leads to start up a whole new Wednesday night for Fox Football Fives. A night that previously had zero teams registered.